it all began with an idea and a love for fly fishing..

I was born and raised in Detroit, moved to California in my twenties to learn how to surf,  and when I learned what real estate prices were in Idaho, I moved there. Twenty years later, here I am living in the panhandle of Idaho, close to Canada, Montana, and Washington, and have some of the Northwest’s best scenery.  I love being close to the outdoors, the small town feel, the plentiful water (and fishing), and the clean air. The fly fishing here is amazing.  I’ve watched our drainages grow due to regulations implemented in the last 5-10 years, so our fishery is really incredible.  The state of Idaho is plentiful in all species of fish.soupleflyguy

As a brand new company, we started because I felt that there was a need for a particular product that did not yet exist in the market.  Due to my upbringing in the upholstery business, I have always been handy with a sewing machine, so I took my idea, started prototyping it, and it just started to evolve.

It is always difficult to come up with a truly unique name for any product, and with this name I was thinking of the supple presentation of the fly to the water while fishing, and thus the word “supple” came to mind. Supple means flexible, which is an aspect our product embodies in its flexibility of serving multiple purposes.  At that point I started searching for available domains, and it was available.  I did not like the look of the English word, so I searched for other forms.  When I came across the French spelling, I knew it was the one. Thus, Souplefly.

The Bug Visor started out as just a place to put flies on the visor of your vehicle, and eventually ended up as not only a place for flies, but a fly fishing workstation that can stay in your vehicle at all times, and also doubles as a chest pack which carries your essentials.  So its great for the starter as well as the hole-to-hole fly fishermen.  It also works great for steelhead fishing.

We have just started, but feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.  We have had multiple magazines contact us to do reviews, we have gotten into 6 fly shops within the past month in the Northwest area, we are receiving amazing feedback and reviews on social media.  We are also receiving requests from people in other states and countries that want to represent our product in their locations.
Development was unique, as I had never done anything like this.  I have always been a hands-on guy, and due to the massive amount of work involved in launching a product like this, I had to go through a learning curve, though difficult, was definitely a fun experience

Watch our instructional video!  Ask your local shop if they carry Souplefly products, if they do not you can easily purchase them directly here on!